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Content Managment Systems and Services

CMS or content management systems is the ability to update your website content and images, create new pages and manage blogs, forums, products and more from within a password secure area of your website. Editing content is similar to Microsoft Word, just click the edit button after you have logged in, type in your changes or new content, click the save icon and your done! You don't need to know any programming at all!

Best of all you don't need to purchase any software and you can add images that are auto resized into your pages. You will be able to edit your website from any computer around the world as long as you have your username and password. Our CMS runs off PHP and MYSQL which is the world's most commonly used programming language and database.

You are not locked in to using our hosting and you are able to move your website and have other developers work on the CMS code should you want to. Once you have paid for the CMS website its all yours! Be wary of other content management systems that lock you into the companies hosting as one day you may want to move the site or edit something and you won't be able to!. I know of a client that spent 7000 + on another companies CMS who claimed they owned the IP and the CMS, but then denied them from moving the CMS to another hosting provider, the other company went broke and the client lost the entire website! IT3 have NO such limitations and we can provide a FULL backup of your entire website and database CD as well as FTP and MYSQL connection details should you want to download or move your website elsewhere!

You can choose from a huge number of predesigned templates or we can modify or create a new template for you. Also our CMS is affordable from under $1000 with NO ongoing fees! except for hosting and domain name renewals. Hosting is from $250 per year. If you can find a better price at the same quality we will beat it!




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